Is it worth buying a Back Applicator as well as a Tanning Mitt?
Yes, absolutely! Our Back Applicator helps to tan those hard to reach areas that your usual mitt just can't get to. Both will ensure top to toe flawless results.
How do you use a tanning back applicator?
Apply any self-tanning product to the centre of the soft velvet Back Applicator, and close ends together to distribute tan onto the fabric. Hold either side of the applicator handles and glide the applicator smoothly over your back areas with a buffing motion.
Is the back applicator reusable/washable?
After you've used the Back Applicator, rinse with lukewarm water and leave to air dry. It is also machine washable, so you can pop it in with your usual load for a more thorough clean.

We recommend a thoroughly clean and dry mitt be used for every tan application.


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