Glowing Results

What are the benefits of using a tanning mitt?
Our double-sided velvet tanning mitt creates a flawless, streak-free result every time by evenly distributing and blending your tan into the skin. Thanks to the seam-free design, there will be no streaks or lines in sight - just a perfect finish. Our best self tanning mitt also protects your palms from any staining thanks to the waterproof lining. Using a tanning mitt ensures flawless results that can't be achieved with just your hands.
How should I look after my tanning mitt?
After you've used the mitt, rinse with lukewarm water and leave to air dry. Our tanning mitt is also machine washable, so you can pop it in with your usual load for a more thorough clean.

We recommend a thoroughly clean and dry mitt be used for every tan application.
Can I use the mitt on my face?
Yes absolutely. We recommend using this mitt to blend your tan onto your face for flawless tanning results. You can also use our Miracle Brush to for a more precise application, especially around the hairline and ears.


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