Product Guide

Whether you’re new to tanning or a veteran, we have the perfect tanning solution for you.
Explore to our Product Guide to find the perfect product just for you.

Tan & Tone

•  Luxe Textures • Anti-Aging & Hydrating • Gives Glowing Skin •
“I want to look after my body like I do my face, especially as I get older. I'm experienced in tanning and I like to feel my routine is a little bit luxe.”


• Hydrating & Soothing • Great Color for all Skin tones • Customizable Depth •
“I’m newer to tanning and want a natural looking holiday glow without sun damage. An easy to apply mousse is a dream come true.”

Prep & Maintain

• Easy Skin prep • Low maintenance Regime enhancers • Extend and maintain results •
“I'm prepared to invest in my tanning regime because it's important to me. I want tools that help deliver a great, streak-free result every time.”

Coconut Water

• Transfer Resistant Formula • No Rinse off necessary • Radiance boosting •
“I'm a confident tanner but don't like guide color transfer. I'm looking for a transparent, easy-to-use product that lets me get on with my day.”


• targets Fine Lines & Pigmentation • Unbeatable glow • Instant, Long Term results •
“I want my skin to glow in a whole new way that enhances my natural beauty. I'm concerned about aging and want to look after my skin”


• Velvety Materials for Streak-Free Finish • Keeps Hands Stain-free • Easy to Clean •
“I'm prepared to invest in my tanning regime and I want tools that make it as easy as possible and guarantee great, streak-free results.”