How long should I leave the Miracle Tan Eraser on?
For best results leave the Miracle Tan Eraser on for around five minutes. For deeper tans or mistakes, you can leave on for up to ten minutes.

Although best results are seen on tan that’s at least three days old, our Tan Eraser helps to remove and soften tanning mistakes from day one. It's perfect for applying around feet and hands where you may have over-applied, and will help to tone down any mistakes in only a few minutes.
How does the Miracle Tan Eraser work?
Our Tan Eraser features a unique combination of manual (natural gentle Pumice) and chemical exfoliation (Salicylic Acid) with added moisturising skin smoothing ingredients (Glycerin and Urea.) The result is a powerful formula that gets to work while caring for your skin. There really isn’t anything that compares!
Can I use the Miracle Tan Eraser on my face?
We wouldn't recommend using this on the delicate skin of your face. However, if you'd like to remove your facial tan we'd suggest using an AHA based toner to help break down old tan instead.


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