Exfoliating Mitt

"It's a fake tanning must-have" - The Independent

Product description

Our prep and Correct Dual Sided Exfoliating Mitt has been called a "fake tanning must-have" by The Independent!

Kick start your tanning routine with the perfect skin prep. This tanning exfoliator mitt will ensure streak-free tans every single time. Trust us, it's a tanning essential.

Simply take your body mitt and use the orange side for gentle exfoliation to remove dead and dull skin cells. What's better, this side of the exfoliating glove can be used for the body AND face, creating smooth skin so your tan will glide straight on. The brown side of the mitt has a higher level opf dermabrasion, this skin exfoliator is able to remove any excess tan from those tricky places, like your palms, ankles, knees and elbows.

Why you'll love me:

✔️ Dual sided mitt for different levels of dermabrasion

✔️ Preps skin ready for a streak-free tanning application.

✔️ Easily removes old fake tan.

✔️ Leaves skin feeling smooth and soft.

✔️ Can be used on body AND face!

How to use


1. Rinse mitt with water and allow to dry prior to first use. 

2. Use the orange side in the shower with our Pre-Tan Primer to exfoliate skin on any area you plan to tan. 

3. Pay particular attention to dry areas such as elbows, knees and ankles. 

4. If needed use the brown side anywhere you wish to remove old fake tan or to correct mistakes. 

5. After use, hand wash with warm water, or machine wash on a warm gentle cycle. Gently squeeze out excess water and air dry.


Fabric composition: 29.5% Rayon, 29.5% Viscose, 41% Elastic.

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