How To Achieve a Healthy January Glow

How To Achieve a Healthy January Glow

Keeping your skin in tip-top condition in cold weather can be a challenge, but we’re here to help you reinvigorate your skin with a dose of glow! Here you’ll find our very best Winter tanning tips that will help you get back on track towards radiant, healthy skin.


Most of us experience drier, flakier skin during Winter thanks to cranking up the central heating and stealing a moment of warmth in hot showers and baths. But like any seasoned tanner knows, fake tan loves to hang onto dry skin like a clingy ex that won’t take a hint! 

Because of this, it’s imperative to scrub down those dead skin cells, especially in the lead up to a tanning application. 

Grab our Exfoliating Mitt and apply our Pre-Tan Primer by gently massaging into your skin. Pay extra attention to drier areas such as your elbows, knees and ankles. Even if you’re not planning to top up your tan, regular exfoliation helps boost your circulation and smooths out your overall complexion (so it’s a win-win really!)

We’d recommend exfoliating around 24 hours before fake-tanning. This helps to ensure that you’ve not only buffed away dead skin, but also washed away any oils or residue left behind by shower gels, shaving foams and more.


Until Summer makes its way around again, we know many of you prefer to dial down your glow so your skin looks natural and nourished. 

Opting for a gradual tan that’s packed with skin-loving ingredients will work its wonders, and give you the moisture hit that your skin deserves. Our Gradual Tanner is fit for the job, with enriching Q10 and Vitamin E to help improve elasticity, firm, smooth and hydrate your skin all in one - not to mention a beautiful buildable colour to refresh dull skin.

If you’re looking for a speedy colour, then why not try our Mousse Express; for a light natural tan, leave on for 1 hour. This product is also perfect if you’ve taken up the gym, as it’s formula is totally sweat proof! Packed with Coconut Water and Aloe Vera, even if you’re short on time you won’t be missing out on any of these amazing skin-quenching benefits. Just pop on and rinse off at your desired colour.


Now for your money-maker... Your face! The quickest, and most effective way to nail your facial glow is with tanning drops.  These highly concentrated drops allow you to build a subtle, completely customisable glow simply by adding a few to your daily moisturiser.

Ideal for these cold conditions, our Notox Beauty Elixir will slip seamlessly into your skincare routine. Formulated with moisturising Aloe Vera and Guarana extract to wake up dull skin, you'll be looking in the mirror shouting 'you glow girl!'


Moisturising is more crucial than ever this time of year if you want an even, radiant glow. If you weren’t already, now is the time to start!

An easy way to lock in moisture and prolong your tan, is by massaging in a body lotion or gradual tanner after a shower or bath. 

With these top tips, your January glow will be perfect from head to toe.