Notox Beauty Elixir Face Tan 1 fl oz

Say goodbye to botox and fillers, with our miracle beauty and face tan serum!

Product description

Say 'girl bye' to botox and fillers, with our miracle beauty and face tan serum! The Notox Beauty Face Tan Elixir smooths, plumps and evens your complexion, leaving you feeling confident and your face looking radiant, with a healthy glow!

Suitable for all skin types, our innovative formula targets facial expression lines for instant anti-aging & skin tightening effect. Dermatologically approved, Notox, is the perfect tan serum that can be used as a flawless base for your makeup or go makeup free, with just the elixir and embrace a natural look with confidence.

Why you’ll love me:
✔️ Smooths and plumps 

✔️ Gradually building a glowing tan

✔️ Stoechiol increases firmness & visibly reduces wrinkles after 10 days of treatment

✔️ Liftonin targets expression lines for an instant anti-aging and skin tightening effect

✔️ Dermatologically tested & non-comedogenic

What others said*:

  • 9/10 said it gave their skin a radiant looking instant glow
  • 9/10 said it gave them a healthy-looking complexion
  • 9/10 said it made their skin tone more even with regular use
  • 8/10 said it allowed them to go makeup-free
  • 8/10 said it made their skin feel silky and velvety smooth

*Based on a survey of 30 customers in an independent study conducted by Dr Koziej during October 2020

How to use


1. Apply 2 pumps to fingertips and smooth over face and neck – morning or night

2. Wash hands after use

3. Experience the youth-boosting benefits after just 60 minutes

NOTE: We recommend daily application for at least a month for noticeable anti-aging results.


Stoechiol: Naturally derived from butterfly lavender, this wonder ingredient increases firmness and visibly reduces wrinkles following 10 days of treatment.

Liftonin: Targets facial expression lines for an instant anti-aging and skin tightening effect for smoother-looking skin in less than 1 hour.

Vitamin E:  A skin-loving ingredient known to calm and hydrate the skin.

Dermatologically tested & Non-comedogenic. Suitable for all skin types.


Does Notox Beauty Face Tan Elixir have a guide colour?

Notox leaves your skin with a subtle golden glow on application, regardless of your skin tone. We recommend blending into the face as you would with a normal serum or moisturiser, then let the serum do its magic and feel the instant tightening effect! 

Do I need to rinse this off after a number of hours? 

No, it's a no-rinse face tanning serum. Notox can be left on all day as part of your daily skincare routine. 

What does this smell of? 

Notox has a subtle lavender scent derived from natural extract. 

How long will this last on my skin?

Notox will build a subtle bronzed glow over time, due to its low levels of natural tanning actives. Continue to use Notox daily and build up your desired level of tan. 

When will I see anti-aging results? 

Upon application you'll already begin to see the magical tightening effects of Notox due to Liftonine - which quickly targets the facial expression lines. Along with Stoechiol which, after 10 days of use, leads to longer term anti-aging with increased firmness of the skin along with the reduction of visible wrinkles. 

Can I use Notox under makeup or skincare?

Of course! As long as you allow time for the product to soak into the skin and work it's magic before applying any makeup or skincare.

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