Glowing Results

How are the Self-Tanning Whips different to the Self-Tanning Mousses? 
Our mousses offer a familiar and easy-to-use texture that's perfect for all level of tanning expertise. Our Self-Tanning Whips are even easier to apply, offering a lightweight whipped texture that melts into the skin with ease.
Which shade is right for me, Medium or Dark?
For a natural enhanced glow that's suited to all skin tones, we suggest Medium. For a darker tan result, or if you have a darker skin tone, we suggest Dark. Our Self-Tanning Whip is also buildable, so you can easily apply an additional layer to deepen the results.
Are the Self-Tanning Whips easy to apply?
The lightweight whipped texture effortlessly melts into the skin and allows plenty of time for buffing.


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