Can I apply the drops directly onto my skin?
As our face drops contain a concentrated amount of tanning active, we'd recommend first testing a few drops mixed in with your moisturiser (with a ratio of 2:1) to see the results - then increasing the number of drops as needed for a darker colour. Applying the drops directly to the face may result in irritation or mishap, so we'd advice against it.
Can I add this to my body moisturiser?
Yes, all our drops can be added to your body moisturiser for a subtle all over glow.
What's the difference between the Face Tanning Drops?
Notox face Tanning Drops are a great all rounder. These are a daily must-have that slip into your routine with ease. Perfect for adding to day and night creams, they contain soothing and hydrating Aloe Vera.

Coconut Water Serum Face Tanning Drops are perfect for boosting your glow while delivering a hydration hit. These drops also help to even out skin tone and smell delicious.

Face Tanning Wonder Drops are jam packed with radiance boosting ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, anti-ageing Q10, Vitamin E, antioxidants and stimulating Guarana.


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