Glowing Results

Do I need to use this every time I tan? 
For your most flawless tan application we recommend you exfoliate prior, using our Pre-Tan Primer and Exfoliating Mitt.This will help to buff away dead skin cells and reveal smooth skin, creating the perfect canvas for tanning.
What's the difference between the Pre-Tan Primer and Miracle Tan Eraser?
Our Pre Tan Primer is a gentler alternative that can be used alongside our Exfoliating Mitt. Our Miracle Tan Eraser. helps to remove old tan and fix mistakes fast. The choice is yours!
Do I need to use this with an Exfoliating Mitt?
We suggest using this in conjunction with our Exfoliating Mitt to ensure even and effective exfoliation prior to tanning, helping to buff away dead and dry skin.


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