Should I choose the Coconut Water Face Drops or Face Mist?
Both offer a buildable, hydrating and radiance boosting facial glow. The Coconut Water Face Drops can be easily added into your favourite skincare products, whereas the Face Mist can be spritzed onto skin directly and buffed in using our Miracle Brush. Our Bronzing Face Mist also provides additional skincare benefits for radiant skin from the inside out.
How long does the face mist take to develop?
A beautiful natural glow will develop over 6-8 hours. If you require a deeper tan, we recommend applying daily for optimum results.
Do I need to wash the face tanning mist off?
As our Coconut Water formulas are completely clear and fuss-free, they can be rinsed off at any time convenient for you - but for maximum results allow 6-8 hours for your colour to develop. You can even apply this underneath makeup or over the top of your usual skincare regime, so you can wash it away within your daily cleansing routine.


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