Glowing Results

Should I be using a brush or mitt to apply fake tan? 
Our double-sided velvet tanning mitt creates a flawless, streak-free result every time by evenly distributing and blending your tan into the skin. A brush is a great way to end your tanning routine, in addition to our tanning mitt, for an even smoother finish.
What part of the body is the Body Buffing Brush used for?
It's perfect for blending tan into areas such as décolletage, hands and feet. It's also great to buff larger areas such as legs and arms for a flawless finish.
How do I clean my Body Buffing Brush?
You should be cleaning your Body Buffing Brush after every tanning application, running it under warm water and adding some gentle shampoo to remove any tanning residue. Squeeze out any excess moisture with your hands and leave flat to dry.


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