Glowing Results

Will the Instant Tanner leave a lasting tan on my skin? 
No. Our Instant Tanner contains no active tanning ingredient, just a tinted guide color, so it won't tan your skin. Think of it more like body makeup than a traditional tan - you can wash it away with soap and water at the end of the day.
Can I use an instant tanner over my usual tan?
Yes, absolutely. Our Instant Tanner can be layered to boost your tan result or create a beautifully uniform finish if it's starting to fade. It's perfect for using before you go out, or taking on vacation for a last minute touch up. It's also great for helping to fix mistakes!
Should I be using a gradual or instant tanner?
A gradual tanner will provide a subtle and buildable result over a number of days. An instant tanner contains is a wash-off solution that will instantly provide a hit of color where you need. If you want your glow to last, opt for a gradual tanner; if you're more comfortable with being able to wash it away at the end of the day, opt for an instant tanner.


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