Do I need to rinse this tan off?
As our Coconut Water formulas are completely clear and fuss-free, they can be rinsed off at any time convenient for you - but for maximum results allow 6-8 hours for your colour to develop. As they don't feature a guide colour you can get dressed straight after applying, or even go to sleep without the fear of staining your bedsheets.
What's the difference between Coconut Water Serum and Tanning Mist?
Our Coconut Water Serum is a lightweight luxury serum that easily glides over skin. Our Coconut Water Tanning Mist is a lightweight spray that can be applied direct onto skin. Both feature hydrating ingredients and require buffing in with our Dual Sided Tanning Mitt, but the texture choice is yours.
Is this good for new tanners?
If you're new to tanning we recommend trying a formula with a guide colour so you can see where you're applying. Our transparent tanners are better suited to those more confident in tanning, who are looking for a fuss-free experience.


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