Which shade is right for me, Medium or Dark?
For a natural enhanced glow that's suited to all skin tones, we suggest Medium. For a darker 'holiday' tan result, or if you have a darker skin tone, we suggest Dark.

Our Self-Tanning Mousse is also buildable, so you can easily apply an additional layer to deepen the results if you wish.
What's the difference between the 1 Hour Express Mousse and the Self-Tanning Mousse?
All three variants feature the same lightweight and easy to use mousse texture. The difference is in the developed colour, and each will suit a different need.

For a medium glow choose Medium, for a darker result choose Dark, and for a fully customizable result that you can make lighter or darker then choose 1 Hour Express.
How long will this tan last on my skin?
Most people find their Skinny Tan lasts up to 10 days (based on 2 applications). For your longest lasting tan, we'd recommend moisturising daily to keep the skin hydrated with either your usual body moisturiser or one of our Gradual Tanners.


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