How To Tan Your Back: One Simple Hack To Stop You Getting In A Tangle!

How To Tan Your Back: One Simple Hack To Stop You Getting In A Tangle!

We’ve all been there. You’ve perfectly applied, buffed and blended your tan to perfection, but one key area still eludes you: your back. Whether you call on a partner, housemate or passing stranger to give you a hand, or attempt to bend yourself backwards to reach the ‘danger triangle’ (the little bit in the middle of your back that never seems to get covered properly!) the situation certainly isn’t ideal.

The stories of putting coat hangers or wooden spoons into our Dual Tanning Mitt left us lolling, but also left us pondering the question ‘is there a better way?’ 

Well, the answer is finally here… Here’s everything you need to know about how to tan your back, and one simple hack that will change the game entirely.

Introducing our revolutionary NEW Back Applicator!

Perfect for getting those hard-to-reach places so you’ll never have to bug your friend to tan your back again.

STEP 1: Apply your chosen fake tan to the centre of the applicator and fold it in half to spread the tan over a wider surface area.

STEP 2: Hold either side of the applicator by the handles, position across your back and start to buff.

STEP 3: Repeat as necessary to ensure you coat your back in an even and blended layer of tan.

STEP 4: Punch the air with glee now you’ve finally nailed how to apply tan to your back!

Our Back Applicator is reusable and machine washable, has a seamless edge for a streak free finish and is suitable to use with any of our tans – from mousses and serums, to lotions and even sprays. Less human pretzel, more elegant and streak-free application! We've got your back...

Need a demo? Check out our handy video below!

Our Skinny Tan Expert Claire Lambert is a huge fan too: “This genius invention is perfect for getting those hard-to-reach places, including your back. Just apply your favourite tanner to the centre of the applicator, hold the handles either side and buff smoothly over your back. So simple!”

Get yourself one of these Back Applicators pronto for only $19.99, or within our Deluxe Application Kit for only $19.99.

You’re welcome!