Five Top Tips To Avoid A Streaky Tan

Five Top Tips To Avoid A Streaky Tan

We've all been there. We've all slapped on our favourite tan with little to no thought or preparation, and wondered why on earth the results are more than a little streaky eight hours later! Creating a flawless tan isn't hard when you know how - you just need to put aside a little extra time to perfect your glow, and some insider knowledge so you'll never experience those dreaded streaks again! 

Straight from our resident tanning expert Claire Lambert, here are her top five tips to avoid a streaky tan every time...

TIP 1: "To avoid any streaks in your tan, you’ll need to prep your skin by exfoliating and moisturising any dry areas (including ankles, knees, elbows, hands and wrists.)

I’d recommend using the Skinny Tan Exfoliating Mitt 24-48hrs before applying your tan; you can use it with your regular shower gel or scrub and it’s a total gamechanger! It helps to buff away dry skin and old tan, leaving you with a flawless canvas on which to apply your favourite Skinny Tan product."

TIP 2: "I always recommend applying fake tan with an application mitt – not your hands. Skinny Tan’s velvety soft Dual Application Mitt is particularly wonderful as it has a special layer inside the mitt to prevent colour transfer or slippage!" 

TIP 3: "Try using a tan that has a colour guide, to help you see where you're applying. I love the Self-Tan Mousse or Mousse Express as they're easy to apply and great for beginners."

TIP 4: "Apply in small sections to your body. I find it easier to work from top to bottom, but the choice is yours! Be sure to use circular motions to blend it into the skin effectively, using a mirror to see where you may have missed."

TIP 5: "For hands and feet, I recommend using the leftover excess tan on the mitt and applying using a feathering motion; then use Skinny Tan’s Miracle Brush to buff in around toes, ankles, wrists, knuckles and in-between fingers!"