Finding The Perfect Self-Tan For Pale Skin

Finding The Perfect Self-Tan For Pale Skin

We know it can be tricky to choose the perfect fake tan for your needs, especially if your skin is fair and you're worried about looking too dark. But don't fret – we’ve got everything you need and more to nail a totally natural, streak free gorgeous glow! Here are our top tips for nailing your self-tan for us pale skin folk.


If you’re a tanning newbie, or just wary of going a shade too dark, you may want to reach for a gradual tanner first. Applying a gradual tanner daily is a great way to build up your confidence and gently add depth to your skin tone; you can also increase or decrease the frequency once you’ve reached your desired colour.

Why not try our Gradual TannerOur original colour-free lotion is the best gradual tan around (in our humble opinion) as unlike other gradual tanners, it's formulated with 99% naturally derived ingredients and a subtle gradual tanning agent to build up an everyday natural bronze glow!. Perfect for fair skin in need of a subtle glow!


PRICE DROP! Gradual Tanner 4.2 fl oz


To give your face the same glowing radiance, we’d opt for some tanning drops. A few drops in your daily moisturiser, serum (or make-up!) can go a long way. The great thing about tanning drops is that you’re in control of your glow – the more drops you add, the more intense the tan! Not only can you find the right shade for your skin tone by customising the amount of drops, but you’re also not skrimping on skincare either.

Our range of tanning drops contain nourishing ingredients to help your skin look it’s best ever. They’re packed with everything from hydrating Aloe Vera and brightness boosting Guarana Extract… to mention a few! Our fan favourite is our Moisturising Face Tanning Drops, which can be used daily, morning or night.

Looking for something with a bit more impact? No problem!
If you’re looking for a tan that has a bit more depth, then you might want to opt for one of our best selling mousse formulas. Our mousses develop over 6-8 hours, and deliver a seamless, natural looking tan. Because self tan mistakes are likely to show up more on paler skin, we’d recommend using a mousse with a guide colour. This way, you can easily see where you've applied the product and fix any little mistakes to ensure an all over, even tan.
Our cult favourite product is our Self-Tan Mousse. Scented with Coconut & Vanilla, this easy to apply mousse develops into a perfectly matched glow. Just grab one of our Velvet Dual Tanning Mitts and go!

Self-Tanning Mousse 5.1 fl oz