3 Expert Tips For The Perfect Winter Party Season Tan

3 Expert Tips For The Perfect Winter Party Season Tan
When the nights draw in and there's a definite chill in the air, your usual tanning routine may not be enough to keep your skin looking flawless and glowing. During the colder winter months your skin needs a little more TLC to ensure your results are perfect every time. Our resident tanning expert Claire Lambert has got some words of wisdom to help - so read on for her top three expert tips for the perfect party season tan, every single time.
"The key to a flawless party glow is to make sure you prep your skin properly. During party season your skin is likely to be a little bit drier due to the change in weather, so you need to make sure that you’re paying extra attention to exfoliating.
I’d recommend using the Skinny Tan Exfoliating Mitt 24-48hrs before applying your tan; you can use it with your regular shower gel or scrub and it’s a total game changer! It helps to buff away dry skin and old tan, leaving you with a flawless canvas on which to apply your favourite Skinny Tan product."
"Make sure you’re using a tanner that has lots of skincare ingredients in. You're in safe hands with Skinny Tan, as every product is enriched with skin-loving ingredients that combine the very best of skincare with the very best of tan!
My go-to for this time of year is Skinny Tan’s Wonder Serum. You can use the gradual on its own and build it up to the desired depth you like, or you can use it on top of your everyday tan to give it a nice boost."
"I always make sure to have an instant tanner to hand when it comes to party season – my favourite is the Skinny Tan Dark Choc Instant Melt, which helps to add a gorgeous glow and deepen the result of your tan.
If you’re looking for more definition and want to add even more depth to your colour, then I’ve got a tip for you! Mix your instant tanner and Skinny Tan’s After Glow Gloss and apply all over the body – it will literally make your skin glisten and have you looking radiant all night! After Glow Gloss is great for adding a sheen to your legs, collarbones and even your cheeks, so keep it close this party season."