Your ultimate guide to preparing for a fake tan

Your ultimate guide to preparing for a fake tan

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail, and never is this more true than when you fake tan. You’re going to have to wear the outcome for a while, so it’s important you set yourself up for tanning success.

Before you tan

Set aside a good amount of time so you won’t find yourself having to run out the door to an urgent appointment half-bronzed. Tanning should be enjoyable, not stressful, so block out that calendar and get ready to pamper yourself!

Make sure you have everything you need on hand. Do you have your tan of choice? A robe or a towel? A tanning mitt or applicator? A glass of wine and the latest season of The Bachelor ready to roll? You’re good to go!

Now it’s time to think like Mr. Miyagi and “wax off”— or whatever your preferred method of hair removal may be (if you have one!). This step is totally optional, but if you are going to de-hair, make sure you do it before you tan.

Now it’s time to prepare your skin by exfoliating. This removes any dry skin that the fake tan may excessively cling on to, preventing any uneven blotches. New cells exposed through exfoliation won’t shed as fast, and your tan will last longer!

You can exfoliate using a product like an exfoliating wash or scrub, or you could invest in a something like a Cellulite Dry Body Brush or an Exfoliating Mitt. You only have to buy these handy tools once and they’ll last you for way more tanning applications than your standard bottle of body scrub.

Once you’re fully dried off from your shower, use a moisturizer to hydrate your skin and prevent the fake tan from clinging to any dry patches of skin. Pay particular attention to drier areas such as elbows and knees.

The final pre-tan step is to prepare your bed. Protect your sheets from any potential lasting memories of your amazing tan (AKA tanning stains) by putting down a sheet protector. This will also give you time to let your moisturizer sink in so it won’t affect your tan!

Pre-tanning dos & don’ts


● Give yourself plenty of time to achieve your best tan ever
● Have everything you need ready to go before you start applying
● Exfoliate and moisturize first


● Try to squeeze in a tan on a time limit
● Apply tan to dry areas without exfoliating and moisturising first
● Attempt to tan without the help of an applicator— you’ll thank us later!