What's in a name: The meaning of "skinny" in Skinny Tan

What's in a name: The meaning of "skinny" in Skinny Tan

Today we’re going to talk about something we’ve never really addressed before: our name.

We’re super proud that Skinny Tan has become a brand that people have come to love and trust. When people hear “Skinny Tan”, they think “great fake tan”, because we’ve worked so hard to put out the best product on the market (and our positive customer reviews prove it).

But there’s no denying that our name has raised a few eyebrows.

“Skinny Tan? Seriously?”

And we get it. We really do.

So we’re finally going to put it all out there and talk about the reason and meaning behind our name.

Why we called our product Skinny Tan

When Skinny Tan founder Louise came up with the idea for Skinny Tan, she wasn’t thinking about body types or weight. What she was thinking about was how fed up she was with orange, streaky, hard-to-apply fake tanners that were riddled with nasty chemicals.

And so our signature product was born: A tanner that looked great, was easy to apply, and was made from 99% naturally-derived, skin-friendly ingredients.

This could only be achieved with some serious expertise that other brands desperately lacked: insider knowledge.

In other words, the “skinny” on fake tan.

Our trade secrets are the reason we have so many safe, natural products to meet any tanning need you might have.

In an age where we’re fortunate enough to see the success of the body positivity movement, words like “skinny” are going to cause some controversy. We would never, ever want any woman to feel excluded or judged by our brand simply because of a word.

You’ve no doubt heard of Kayla Itsines, the woman behind the renowned BBG fitness guides. But did you know that Kayla has said she actually regrets calling them the “Bikini” Body Guides?

In fact, when she created an app as an alternative to the guide, she didn’t call it “Bikini Body”.

She called it Sweat. Because she wanted to encourage women of all sizes to move their bodies, not strive for whatever a “bikini body” is supposed to look like.

In the same vein, our products aren’t called “Skinny Mousse” or “Skinny Gloss”. We use words like “After Glow Gloss” and “Classic Body Mousse”. After all, we want our products to make women feel like they’re glowing.

What we don’t want is for women to think we’re promoting one single body type over another— because we definitely don’t!

But what about all this talk of cellulite and tone?

Let’s make one thing clear: we think all women are beautiful, regardless of their body type, cellulite or skin tone.

We don’t think it’s wrong for women to have cellulite. But we do provide options for anyone who chooses to reduce it or just wants to achieve smoother, softer skin.

Yes, we may make products designed to create glowing, even skin tone. But that doesn’t mean we think this is what women need to look attractive. Because as cheesy as it might sound, we believe true beauty is decided by your inner glow.

And if you want to add a little outer glow to the mix? Well, we’re here to help you achieve that with the most natural product out there.