Mousse, cream, or mist? Choosing the right tanner

Mousse, cream, or mist? Choosing the right tanner

Whether you’re just entering the world of tanning or you’re already a pro, you might be wondering about the different types of tanners. 

What difference does the texture actually make? And how do I know what’s right for me?

Get prepped and ready to tan, then use this easy guide to help you decide.


Tanning mousse has a foam texture that’s light, fluffy and looks delicious. 

It’s a popular choice as it dries quickly and doesn’t tend to leave a residue. It also doesn't overburden the skin meaning it’s great for beauties who lean towards oily.

For instant tanning mousse, you can see where the colour is going so it’s super easy to direct—hello first-time tanners! A gradual tanning mousse is ideal to take the edge off pale skin, especially in winter.

Hot tip: keep your skin extra hydrated in the days after a mousse tan to keep it lasting its best.

Ideal for babes: who are new to tanning, have oily skin.



Tanning creams are a classic staple of the tanning family. 

They typically take the longest to absorb and dry because of their thicker texture, but this is also their superpower. They’re the most nourishing and their hydrating properties result in a longer-lasting tan.

Some lotions, like our 7-Day Tanner, have a guide colour to show where you’ve applied it. So you get both instant glow as well as a deeper lasting bronze once it develops.

Instant tanner is for those who have no time to waste—the unprepared, the party-goers, the only-tan-twice-a-year-ers. It works like makeup; easy to apply, unbelievably streak-free, and simply washes off!

Gradual tanning cream doesn't have a guide colour, because it’s more about gradually creating a subtle tan that you can build up to your custom colour. The best part? It doubles as a daily moisturizer because of its hydrating grapeseed and sweet almond oils. 

Tanning literally couldn’t be more effortless.

Ideal for babes: with dry or sensitive skin, particularly pale, or who are lazy (no judgement!)



No false tan is particularly hard to apply, but it could be argued that tanning mist is the easiest.

The spray function means an even dispersion of product. Misting is an amazing way to deliver oils that are packed with benefits for your skin and supreme hydration.

Bonus! Oils are quick-drying and don’t need to be rinsed off. Perfect for when you just need to spritz and go.

Mists can be used with a tanning mitt, but can also be super nice to massage in with your hands—like a relaxing oil massage.

Something you might not know—tanning mist can be used instead of a normal moisturiser over your current tan, to boost hydration and maintain that glowy golden colour. Mists are the unsung versatile hero of tanning.

Ideal for babes: with dry skin, consistent tanners, mums, or anyone who’s busy.

Some textures suit certain people more, but ultimately it comes down to preference. Your best bet is to try them and see what you find the most workable and suited to your lifestyle. 

What are you waiting for? Dive into the diverse world of tanning and check out the whole range of tanners there are to experience.