Meet Our Confidence Tribe: 3 Inspirational Women We LOVE

Meet Our Confidence Tribe: 3 Inspirational Women We LOVE

For many of us two years of pandemic blues has meant that our self-esteem and overall confidence has taken a knock. Here at Skinny Tan, we want women to rediscover their confidence and shift their perspectives towards a more positive and self-loving mindset.

So, we’ve teamed up with three inspirational ladies to help bat away those January Blues!

Meet our Confidence Tribe, a group of women who are joining us on a mission to help women alike achieve body acceptance and to remind us that ‘glowing-up’ is an inside job.

Read on to find out our Confidence Tribe’s top tips for rejecting comparison culture and practising self-care:

JESS (@thefatfunnyone

Tip #1: "Take one day at a time! It’s not an overnight process; just be patient and keep trying every day."

Tip #2: "Positive affirmations! Yes we have all heard about them but YES they do really work."

We’ll be sharing encouraging affirmations each day on our Instagram, so check them out and practise saying them in the mirror... Soon enough your mindset will start to shift!

Tip #3: "Do what makes you GLOW. Whether it’s a cheeky fake tan, doing your hair or nails - whatever makes you glow, do it more!"
Jess loves our Choc Whip Self-Tanning Mousse... "It smells DIVINEEEE! Literally like chocolate and it’s so easy to use and non streaky too – important!"


CHARLOTTE (@charlottejonsie)

Tip #4: "To gain confidence you have to step outside of your comfort zone. It can feel uncomfortable, but growth is! I haven’t always been confident, but learning to be has changed my life." 

Tip #5: "To create confidence you have to continually take action and be willing to show up for yourself. If you want to grow, you need to learn to trust in yourself first….Growing your confidence starts with self-love and self-development." 

As a busy mum, Charlotte loves our Mousse Express because of it’s fast developing colour, meaning she can get on with her day and enjoy a flawless tan too! 


LEAH (@devotedtopink)

Tip #6: "Focus on what your body allows you to do everyday, and not what it looks like."

Setting goals are important, but it’s important not to stretch yourself too thin. A simple workout for a few minutes each day will help boost your endorphins and allow you to feel comfortable, not overworked!

Tip #7: "Curate a healthy social media feed, full of diverse bodies… Remind yourself that so much of what you see online is edited."

We’ll be sharing inspirational posts and quotes from our community over the next month, so don’t forget to tag us for a chance to be involved. It’s your chance to shine and we’ll be there to boost your confidence and help you step outside your comfort zone!

Tip #8: "Take time for self-care. Have a bath, read a book or fake tan, whatever makes you feel GOOD!”