Confidence Coach Victoria Spence’s 6 Top Tips For Feeling Great Again

Confidence Coach Victoria Spence’s 6 Top Tips For Feeling Great Again

There’s no denying it – the last year or so has been HARD. Our relationship with our communities, surroundings and bodies has been impacted by what we’ve all experienced – and we know that it can be difficult to rediscover your sparkle.

But Skinny Tan wants to help you on your way to feeling good again. We want to set you up for success and we want you to feel the best you can – every single day!

Although a great glowing tan may get you a little way there, we’ve teamed up with confidence coach Victoria Spence (@victorianiamh) to help give you the tools to reshape your minds, rather than reshape your bodies, to give you a boost when you need it most. We’re here to empower women to feel confident again after lockdown – and we want to know, are you in?! 🙌

Victoria says:

"I’m excited to be partnering with Skinny Tan because they are the first self-tan brand that my mum bought for me, and so to be partnering with them 8 years later feels like a full circle moment! I love the glow up that Skinny Tan as a brand is transitioning through, and it’s beautiful to see them pushing women to embrace their inner confidence as much as their outer confidence." 💖

She’s a big tanner and uses it as part of her self-care routine (which we LOVE!):

"I love tanning purely for myself! I know that if I’m having a low mental health day, I can put on some tan and immediately feel like a queen. Self-tan Thursdays are my weekend ritual with myself where I switch off from the world and practise some self-care through prepping my skin and doing my tan." ✨

Victoria has some words of wisdom for you, if you’re feeling particularly overwhelmed or uneasy about life returning to ‘normal’:

"After a year of challenge, mental and physical struggle, and isolation it is no shock that stepping into freedom can feel overwhelming and somewhat scary. Would you feel more equipped to step back into normality with an inner critic who constantly tells you that you’re not good enough, or with an inner best friend who has your back, who validates you, and reassures you that you’re human, worthy and loved? You want a best friend, right? That’s why showing yourself the upmost kindness and compassion is going to be your best suit of armour as we exit lockdown." 🌟

And to get you on the right path and ensure you emerge from the last year feeling like a QUEEN, we spoke to Victoria to find out her top tips to feeling confident in a post-lockdown world:

Top Tip #1
Just like a scuba diver can get sick from coming to the surface too quickly, your mind can feel overwhelmed by throwing yourself into life too fast. Take it easy, protect your mind, and remember to schedule in ‘you’ time to put your self-tan on, do some journaling, and remain in touch with yourself.

Top Tip #2
Act from your highest self: Whenever you don’t know what to do ask yourself ‘what would my highest, most confident self do’ and do exactly that.

Top Tip #3
Don’t shrink yourself to be more palatable for others. Own yourself and know that it’s ok to not be liked by everybody.

Top Tip #4
Ask yourself every morning ‘what do I need right now?’. If it’s a slow morning then give yourself that, if it’s a bit of self-care do that (I love to really take the time applying my Skinny Tan Coconut Water Serum), or if it’s to scream into a pillow, go scream. Honouring your needs creates trust, and trust manifests into confidence.

Top Tip #5
Much of the population has gained weight over lockdown. You don’t need to make people aware that you have gained weight in order to protect yourself. Nobody who loves, values, or respects you cares.

Top Tip #6
Remember that it’s ok to cut people off who don’t serve your queen energy anymore. Your energy is everything, you need to protect it at all costs. Every morning while you brush your teeth visualise how you can show up that day with 20% more confidence than you did the day before.
The Glow Up Project will be running across our channels for the next few months, so watch this space for news on how to get involved and some amazing giveaways to help you feel your most confident!