VALUE PACK | Ultimate Tanning

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VALUE PACK | Ultimate Tanning
VALUE PACK | Ultimate Tanning
VALUE PACK | Ultimate Tanning
VALUE PACK | Ultimate Tanning
VALUE PACK | Ultimate Tanning
Want to try it all? This pack is for you! Over 2 months of tanning all in one spot. 

Why is everyone raving about Skinny Tan? Because its the first tanning breakthrough that combines natural looking tan with Guarana, helping to smooth and firm your skin. Lightly scented with coconut, Skinny Tan will keep your skin smooth, hydrated and glowing for days.

This pack contains:

1 x Skinny Tan 7-Day Tanner: This best-seller has become a cult product across Australia and the UK, and its easy to see why. Our 7-Day Tanner is completely streak-free, smells like coconut, helps disguise the visible appearance of cellulite with a cosmetic effect until the tan fades and provides a healthy glow that lasts up to 7 days.

1 x Skinny Tan Body Mousse: Our whipped, coconut-scented tanning foam, guaranteed to give you your most natural looking tan in a single coat, and a real, natural fade. Our Mousse contains 95% naturally derived ingredients, coconut oil for hydration, organic Aloe Vera for moisture, and caffeine from naturally sourced Brazilian Guarana Berries. Simple to apply, and touch-dry in seconds.

1 x Skinny Tan Tan & Tone Oil: Hydrating, quick and easy way to a streak-free tan that looks so natural no-one will ever know you are faking it. No orange, no streaking and no nasty smell. It is made from over 90% naturally derived ingredients. It applies smoothly in seconds with a silky finish and an instant bronze glow that then develops to a long lasting natural looking colour.

1 x Skinny Tan Gradual Tanner: This luxe, body butter formula made with 99% naturally derived ingredients contains lower levels of tanning. The formula allows you to build colour up each day to your desired level of tan, making it perfect for those who are constantly searching for the perfect, custom colour. 

1 x Skinny Tan After Glow Gloss: A beautiful sophisticated moisturising gloss to create a glow that will have everyone talking. Made of all natural ingredients including Coconut Oil and Silica, when applied daily this gloss will help keep skin hydrated and extend the life of your tan.

1 x Skinny Tan Pre-Tan Primer: The perfect way to prep your skin before you tan. Skinny Tan Pre-Tan Primer helps remove dry, dull dead and ageing skin cells creating a smooth even surface to apply your tanner for a perfect streak-free finish. 

1 x Skinny Tan Instant Tanner: This provides the perfect make-up for those who want to appear tanned in an instant but that also want to wash it away after a night out. It contains no active tanners, so should be used like make-up. Suitable for both face and body. 

1 x Dual Application Mitt The Tan & Smooth Applicator Mitt allows you to achieve a streak free, even looking tan with no mess and no stained hands.

1 x Exfoliation Mitt Everyone knows the first step to the perfect tan is in the preperation. Enter: Prep & Correct Exfoliating Mitt. The brown side of the mitt prepares skin for the smoothest, most even tan application. The orange side provides pro-level dermabrasion to remove or correct excess tan.

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