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NEW!  Tan & Tone Oil

Apply at 8am and by 5pm


And with results that last for weeks! 

NEW, tanning revolution Skinny Tan & Tone Oil is being heralded as the world's most moisturising tanner!  Designed for easy application and stellar results that last for up to 2 weeks straight! 

Simply Spritz on after the shower, blend into skin with our velvet-touch application mitt, and you’re off!  Meanwhile, Guarana is making cellulite less visible and all-natural, ECO-Certified tanning agents will deepen you color throughout the day.  Apply at 8am and by 5pm you will look fresh from the beach and smelling of delicious coconuts!  No need to rinse! 

Formulated with organic coconut oil and cellulite-fighting Guarana, this ultra-hydrating oil soaks into, and repairs dry skin, leaving you with a glowing complexion. Leave on for 4-6 hours and dull, thirsty skin will develop into a dewy, golden, medium tan.  Great for beginners because its literally IMPOSSIBLE TO STREAK!

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 Directions for BEST results:

Step 1 For an even, long-lasting tan, exfoliate thoroughly in the shower using our Pre-Tan Primer to buff the skin's surface

Step 2  Ensure skin is dry, and apply a light layer of moisturizer to areas prone to color build-up (like knees, elbows, hands and feet)

Step 3 Spray Tan & Tone Oil directly onto skin, and blend using your hands. Start at the bottom of the legs, and work your way up. Each limb should use around a 3-4 spritzes of product. Spray a light layer over face if desired, and blend with mitt - all our products can be used on the face!

Step 4 Allow Tan & Tone Oil to dry (usually 10-15 minutes). For best results, dress and go about your day as normal, and allow tan to develop over 6-8 hours before showering. The product does not contain a guide color, so there is no need to wait! 

Wash your hands to rid any excess – use a dry towel to pat rough places like elbows and knees to prevent color build-up

Note: If you feel the need to add another layer of the Tan & Tone Oil over next the 1-2 days, there is no need to repeat Steps 1 or 2.

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