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You Receive: 2 x 150ml Original Body Mousse for the price of one on orders today!

Our best-selling Skinny Tan Body Mousse is a whipped, coconut-scented tanning foam, guaranteed to give you your most natural tan in a single coat, and a real, natural fade. Our Mousse is the first natural tanner and cellulite-fighter breakthrough that is simple to apply, and touch-dry in seconds.

Our tanning foam lasts up to 14 days, provides a natural, medium bronze and never streaks, thanks to our patented formula. Our formula contains ECO-certified natural tanning agents plus organic coconut oil for hydration, organic Aloe Vera for hydration, and clinically-proven Guarana for visible cellulite reduction.

Each bottle will last between 4-5 applications, and never stains sheets or clothing.

Directions For Best Results:

Step 1 For an even, long-lasting tan, exfoliate thoroughly in the shower using the Skinny Tan Pre-Tan Primer to buff the skin's surface

Step 2  Ensure skin is dry, and apply a light layer of moisturizer/lotion to areas prone to color build-up (like knees, elbows, hands and feet)

Step Apply Skinny Tan Body Mousse to your application mitt and buff into skin in circular motions. Start at the bottom of the legs, and work your way up. Each limb should use around a 3-4 pumps of product.  All our products can be used on the face!

NOTE:  The color you see is NOT your tan – it is the GUIDE COLOR designed to ensure you do not miss a spot.  If wet, the Guide Color can streak or come off on towels (washes right out).  But your tan will NOT streak.  This is important – the initial color you see is the guide color – not your tan.

Step Allow Original Body Mousse to dry (usually 5-10 minutes). For best results, allow tan to develop over 6-8 hours before showering.  The color you see rinsing off is the GUIDE COLOR 


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