Mousse DARK

Mousse DARK

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MOUSSE DARK: Just 2 Hours to a natural tan or longer for a deeper, darker effect

How dark you go is now up to you!

Skinny Tan Mousse Dark is the first natural tan and tone breakthrough that:-  

  • Applies in seconds.
  • Develops a natural tan in just 2 hours or goes deep and dark overnight
  • Lasts up to 14 days. And never ever streaks.
  • Includes cellulite firming Guarana
  • Whipped coconut mousse delicious scent

No orange- No harsh chemicals - no animal testing - Just gorgeous natural actives that are good for your skin.
NEW Skinny Tan Mousse Dark combines 2 ECO-Certified natural tanning ingredients plus organic coconut for a delicious scent. Organic Aloe Vera delivers rich moisture and, of course, the most popular cellulite fighter: caffeine from naturally sourced Guarana Berries.

Skinny Tan Mousse Dark applies so easily sinking all the Skinny Tan goodness into your skin in a light fluffy mousse formula with a guide color for amazing INSTANT results that develops into a darker natural tan and lasts up to 14 days

Suitable for face and body.

Directions for Best Results:

Step 1 For an even, long-lasting tan, exfoliate thoroughly in the shower using the Skinny Tan Pre Tan Primer to buff the skin's surface

Step 2  Ensure skin is dry, and apply a light layer of moisturizer to areas that are prone to color build-up, (knees, elbows, hands and feet)

Step 3 Apply Mousse DARK to your application mitt and buff into skin in circular motions. Start at the bottom of the legs, and work your way up. Each limb should require a quarter-size amount of product.  All our products can be used on the face!

NOTE:  The color you see is NOT your tan – it is the GUIDE COLOR designed to ensure you do not miss a spot.  If wet, the Guide Color can streak or come off on towels (washes right out).  But your tan will NOT streak.  This is important – the initial color you see is the guide color – not your tan.

Step 4 Allow Mousse Dark to dry (usually 10-15 minutes). For best result, allow tan to develop over 6-8 hours before showering. Throw on some PJs, and go to bed.  Awake and rinse off the guide color – presto you are TAN for 10 days or more.

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