Instant Tanner 4oz

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Instant Tanner 4oz
Instant Tanner 4oz
Instant Tanner 4oz
Instant Tanner 4oz
Instant Tanner 4oz
Instant Tanner 4oz
Our Instant Tanner is the perfect body bronzer for those who want to appear tanned in an instant! This product contains no active tanners so it will not actually give you a lasting tan and should be used like makeup suitable for both face and body. Great for a quick tan for a night out when you’re feeling a bit pale, but want to wash it all away once your home. Easy to use, non-streaking and great smelling. Enriched with Aloe Vera to keep skin hydrated.

✓ Easy to apply  ✓ Always streak free.
✓ Paraben-free ✓ Sulfate-free 
✗ No animal testing ✗ No Orange ✗ No fake tanner smell
✓ Vegan-friendly ✓ MONEY BACK GUARANTEE
Pictured: Model wearing Skinny Tan instant tanner

Step 1:
 For an even, long-lasting tan, exfoliate thoroughly in the shower using the Skinny Tan Pre Tan Primer and Exfoliating Mitt to buff the skin's surface, one day before you tan.
Step 2: Ensure skin is dry and apply a light layer of moisturizer to areas that are prone to color build-ups like knees, elbows, hands, and feet.
Step 3: Apply Instant Tanner as you would a normal body lotion over your entire body for an instant, bronzed tan. Apply using your application mitt to avoid discoloring your hands. Apply excess product from your mitt to your face - all our products can be used on the face!
Step 4: Allow 3-5 minutes for Instant Tanner to dry before dressing.
Step 5: To remove, simply shower with warm soapy water.

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