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Buy One, Get One Free MOUSSE + Application Mitt DARK

Loved by beauty experts, bloggers and women who love to tan and look slimmer! 

Our Skinny Tan Body Mousse is a whipped, coconut-scented tanning foam, guaranteed to give you your most natural tan in a single coat, and a real, natural fade. Our Mousse is the first natural tanner and cellulite-fighter breakthrough that is simple to apply, and touch-dry in seconds.

Results in minutes that last up to 14 days and never goes streaky, thanks to our. Made from 95 % naturally derived ingredients including a certified natural tanning agent moisture, and caffeine from naturally sourced Brazilian Guarana Berries. Each bottle will last between 4-5 applications, and never stains sheets or clothing.


Step 1 For an even, long-lasting tan, exfoliate thoroughly in the shower using an exfoliating scrub like the Skinny Tan Pre-Tan Primer to buff the skin's surface Step 2  Ensure skin is dry, and apply a light layer of moisturiser to areas that are prone to colour build-up, like knees, elbows, hands and feet Step 3 Apply Body Mousse to your application mitt and buff into skin in circular motions. Start at the bottom of the legs, and work your way up. Each limb should use around a 3-4 pumps of product. Apply excess product from your mitt to face - all our products can be used on the face! Step 4 Allow Body Mousse to dry (usually 5-10 minutes). For best results, allow tan to develop over 6-8 hours before showering. 



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