Skinny Tan 7-Day Self Tanner

7-Day Tanner

  • $ $ 39.95

Our best seller: a moisture-rich creme that glides onto your skin, leaving it dewy and luscious for days after application. Provides a subtle bronze, guaranteed to complement every skin tone and leave you feeling fabulous.

7-Day Tanner can be re-applied to create a deeper tone. Smelling deliciously of Tahitian Coconut, it contains a "guide color" so that you can track where you have applied the product, helping you to avoid missing any areas. As the natural color is developing underneath, the guide color acts as makeup, giving you the instant appearance of a tan that will wash off in your next shower. It reduces the appearance of cellulite, thanks to the active ingredient Guarana.

Skinny Tan products are made with ECO-Certified ingredients, paraban-free, never tested on animals, and environmentally friendly. Made with Guarana, Skinny Tan delivers visible reduction in signs of cellulite

No orange * Delicious fragrance * No streaking

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