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Skinny Tan Results!

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"I am extremely happy with my Skinny Tan products and have already recommended them to friends."

"The arrival of my "Skinny Tan" products came at the perfect time. I had an unexpected invite to St. John USVI starting in less than a week. I needed a tan in a hurry.

I decided to use the "Gradual Tanner" so I could meet monitor my progress.  I have never been very good at applying self tanner and usually come out orangey and streaky.

The first thing I found easier was using the mitt applicator. I found using this rather than my hands made it more efficient to apply evenly.

Over the next 5 days I developed an even and golden tan. I was pleasantly surprised by the 
- nice coconut smell, 
- the uniform color, 
- the addition of this super agent Guarana made the imperfections on my stomach and the cellulite on my thighs smoother and less noticeable 
-none of the tanner got on my clothes or the sheets, this was a first in self tanner.

I brought the tanner on vacation with me and finished the tube. I received so many compliments on my natural looking bronze color.

People asked me where I got my spray tan as the color looked so professional.

I have been maintaining using the After Glow lotion and my tan still looks great a week post trip.

I also mix the 24 Hour bronzer with my usual day cream and my skin looks glowing and golden.

I am extremely happy with my Skinny Tan products and have already recommended them to friends.  
- Maureen Geraghty

By Far The Best

"I’ve tried many fake tanning products and by far this is the best product I have used! Other fake tanning products have left me orange but Skinny Tan gives me a natural glow no streaks and is simple and easy to apply. I will purchase this product again!"
Nicole Johnson

WOW, is all I can say.

"I have been a self tanner forever and have tried them all. Each one was so drying and by the 3rd or 4th day started wearing off around my chest area and inside of my arms both places that get hot. Also removing them to reapply a new coat was horrible, I would exfoliate in the shower and come out so red and sore, and still it didn't all come off. I was really at the point of giving up. Only 2 weeks ago I saw the ladies who started this product on a current affair and for some reason I decided to give it a go. The best decision I could have ever made, this tanner is gorgeous so easy and feels silky when applying, the smell is minimal and doesn't stain the sheets. The color is great and it doesn't look fake at all. THIS IS THE BEST".
Dorothea, 23

Thank you and keep up the great product!!

"I've used a top brand fake tan for many years. Tried loads of alternatives but never tempted to change......until I discovered Skinny Tan! The initial color is a radiant gold which develops into a natural looking tan but most importantly MOISTURIZES. Smells fantastic too. Love it!!!"
Kellygirl, verified QVC shopper

At last, a self tan that actually does what it says!

"I have tried what seems like all Brands of Self tanning with poor results, and was beginning to give up on the idea of having a lovely healthy glow through the winter months...BUT then I ordered this and gave it a go....and I am so pleased to say IT WORKS! Not only does it leave a lovely color on the skin without looking false it also leaves my skin feeling and looking so much more healthy. Cannot be with out it now! :) Thank you Skinny Tan!"
Beby Z, Verified QVC Shopper


"I applied this product 2 hrs before going to bed and left it on over night and then washed it off in the morning, great color and streak free.."
huskylover verified QVC Shopper

Absolutely love this product...

"Easy to apply, streak free and most of all so natural looking. People have actually asked me if I have been on holiday! Love love love this product, no more experimenting for me this is the fake tan for me i will never have to worry about streaks and looking orange again!"
Cazza36, verified QVC Shopper

Fantastic product

"I took a while ordering this product thinking should i or should i not buy this tanner? I realy wish I ordered it ages ago as it’s the best self tan I’ve EVER used and at 48 years old i've used a few lol WELL DONE SKINNY TAN"
Andrea123 (via email)

I have tried every different tan type...this is it!

"...the can, the gradual, the instant and I can wholeheartedly say that this is by far the most complimentary tan I’ve ever used! Especially for your legs! The tan indicator will tell you exactly where you have rubbed in and takes away the guess work of over applying. Ten out of ten!"