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Tanning Tips

Tip No 1 - Exfoliate first

The better your canvas, the better your tan will be! That’s why our number one tip is to prep your skin properly first. Any scrubber or loofah will do. Priming will help remove dull, dead skin cells. This creates a smoother surface to apply tanner to and, because the new cells won’t shed so fast, your tan will last longer. Massaging vigorously at this stage on problem areas will also help increase blood flow. This can help reduce the appearance of cellulite as you prime the skin. Prep the skin at least a few hours before applying a tanner. It isn't a good idea to tan straight after a shower or scrub, as the skin needs to "calm down" again first. Make sure there is no oil residue left over from shower gels or primers before adding tanners to the skin, as these can act like a barrier to the tanner.

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