Body Glow Lotion - Medium 9.4 fl. oz

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Product description

Take the edge of your Winter skin with our Body Glow hydrating, gradual-tanning body moisturiser. This widely-loved, everyday, gradual tanning lotion & body moisturiser is enriched with Aloe Vera, Guarana and naturally-derived tanning active to develop a subtle, natural tan.

Fast absorbing & non-sticky, this nourishing tanning lotion builds up to your desired colour with each application while hydrating the skin and even extending the life of an existing tan underneath!

No streaks here! The lightweight, Body Glow moisturiser formula has our delicious coconut & vanilla scent, meaning no fake tan smell either. Perfect for new tanners and experts alike, this subtle tanning choice goes a long way.

Why you'll love me:

✔️ Subtle colour - perfect for new or experienced tanners.

✔️ Lightweight, fast-absorbing formula.

✔️ Nourishing & hydrating everyday lotion.

✔️ Delicious coconut & vanilla scent - no fake tan smell!

✔️ No streaks - guaranteed!

How to use


1. Hop in the shower and exfoliate skin using our Pre-Tan Primer and Exfoliating Mitt

2.  Ensure skin is clean and dry

3. Apply evenly in circular motions over your whole body, or just to areas where you want a little extra glow!

4. Wash hands thoroughly after use to void any staining of palms

5. Re-apply as desired



Aloe Vera: Known to contain skin soothing and hydrating properties to keep those lizard legs away!

Guarana Extract: A natural extract which is high in caffeine.

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