Wonder Serum SUPER LAUNCH OFFER! + free gifts

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Wonder Serum SUPER LAUNCH OFFER!  + free gifts
Wonder Serum SUPER LAUNCH OFFER!  + free gifts

USA SUPER OFFER PRICE PLUS 2 FREE Gifts.  BEST TAN guarantee - if you don't agree Wonder Serum is better than any other tanner you've ever tried we will give you your money back   BUT YOU CAN KEEP the FREE GIFTS just for trying THIS BREAKTHROUGH today!  

Just look at what you get for our special introductory price! 

  1. NEW WONDER SERUM TANNER FULL SIZE at our LAUNCH OFFER PRICE!  Grab Full size Wonder Serum anti-aging tanner - enough for up to 3 months flawless tanning at this low launch price. Wonder Serum is the first concentrated tanning serum application with hydrators antiaging, COQ10 anti-oxidants and an iridescent finish from a silky smooth easy to apply serum tanner that lasts up to 2 weeks and fades naturally just like a real tan. (usually $39.99 rrp)
  2. FREE Pre-tan Primer - A gorgeous walnut infused in-shower microdermabrasion scrub that helps buff away dead skin cells and create a smooth younger looking surface to apply your Wonder Serum to for flawless results even for first time tanners! Yours to keep even if you decide Wonder Serum is not for you! (rrp $14.99) 
  3. FREE Deluxe application Body Mitt - the most luxurious tanning mitt you'll find!  Our famous deluxe double sided tanning mitt allows fast easy flawless tanning application and helps protect hands from tan.  Yours to keep even if you send back Wonder Serum (you won't want to send anything back we know!) (rrp $12.99)

So just why has Wonder Serum been such an ABSOLUTE MEGA BEAUTY BLOCKBUSTER? Its because Wonder Serum is the first tanning and anti-aging super serum in one!

Wonder Serum is the first silky serum tanner for Face and Body that  also works as a leave on full-body, anti-aging treatment sinking in the potent anti-oxidant Q10 plus hydrators and skin-kind anti-aging actives for glowing, tanned younger looking skin instantly and with results that last up to 2 weeks flawlessly!

Perfect for first time tanners and hardcore tan fans alike this soft and silky Wonder Serum is so easy to glide on in seconds.  The iridescent satin finish dries in just 2 minutes so you can be straight out the door with a perfect glowing tan that helps cover blemishes, hides the appearance of cellulite, evens out skin tone, blends freckles and develops over 8 hours to give you a rich natural streak-free lasting colour that is indistinguishable from a real tan. 

Plus its made with 95% naturally derived ingredients. Paraben-free, Sulfate-free certified cruelty-free and suitable for Vegans. 

But don't take our word for it! 

We were so confident that Wonder Serum was a stand-out performer that we gave unbranded samples to be independently trialled by 50 volunteers in an Independent Consumer research exam.

The results were nothing short of spectacular! 

86% agreed Wonder Serum was easier to apply than other self-tanners they’d tried
86% of customers agreed Wonder Serum felt more hydrating and silkier on application
88% agreed Wonder Serum looked more natural than other self-tanners they’d tried
98% agreed skin looked glowing and bronze immediately after applying SkinnyTan Wonder Serum
88% agreed Wonder Serum gave them a more even, flawless tan when first applied than other tanning formats
92% agreed Wonder Serum smelt better than most other tanners they’d have tried
86% of customers* would recommend Wonder Serum to a friend.

Just days after its release and there were already MORE 5-star Skinny Tan reviews for Wonder Serum than any other rating! 

But all the science, ingredients, photos and reviews in the world can't compare to seeing the Wonder on your own skin.  That's why we want you to try it risk-free!  

In fact if you don't agree that Wonder Serum is the Best Tanner you have ever tried you can simply return it for a full refund AND you can keep the FREE gifts just for trying Wonder Serum in this spectacular launch offer! 

How can we be so sure?  Because the UK know tanners and they agreed! Just read the rave reviews!

So what are you waiting for!  Time to take your tanning to the next level with revolutionary NEW Wonder Serum.  

* Skinny Tan Wonder Serum has already SOLD OUT Nationally several tmes since this years USA launch.  To avoid stock piling of limited product by customers in USA this offer is strictly limited to one per USA address only at this time. 

Wonder Serum SUPER LAUNCH OFFER!  + free gifts
Wonder Serum SUPER LAUNCH OFFER!  + free gifts