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Product description

Perfect for both beginner and experienced tanners for a flawless, natural looking tan.

Bundle Includes:

1x Self-Tanning Mousse 5.1 fl oz

The easy-to apply foam glides effortlessly onto the skin with our Application Mitt leaving a flawlessly blended, bronzing guide colour to see where the product has been applied - no streaks here! Choose 'Original' for an ultra-natural Medium tan, or Dark' for that deep, rich bronze shade.

1x Gradual Tanner 4.2 fl oz

Simply apply this tanning saviour on a daily basis until you reach your desired shade or apply after showering to extend the life of your tan - then always wash hands thoroughly after apply to avoid any excess staining!

1x Pre-Tan Primer 4.2 fl oz

Prep in the right way, with our tanning primer. Our Pre-Tan Primer uses natural exfoliating ingredients to gently buff away dull and dead skin cells to allow your tan to glide on smoother than ever.

1x Dual Tanning Mitt

Get a perfect tan for every occasion with our ultimate tanning tool, the velvet fake tanning mitt - it's an essential to any tan lovers’ collection. Our double-sided velvet tanning mitt gives a flawless, streak-free tan every time by evenly distributing and blending your tan into the skin.

    How to use

    Self-Tanning Mousse

    1. Exfoliate skin using the Cellulite Brush and then hop into the shower. Otherwise, hop in the shower and exfoliate skin using our Pre-Tan Primer or Exfoliating Mitt
    2. Ensure skin is clean and dry
    3. Prior to application lightly moisturize knees, elbows, hands and dry areas
    4. Pump the Mousse onto your Application Mitt and apply evenly one area at a time while blending onto the skin
    5. Use the dry side of the mitt to remove any excess product and to buff knees, elbows, ankles and wrists - this helps to avoid these areas from going too dark.
    6. Wait until touch dry before dressing and allow tan to develop for 6-8 hours.
    7. Rinse off in the shower to reveal your gorgeous new tan!

    TIP: For a face tan, blend leftover product from the Dual Application Mitt onto face, or lightly spritz face and blend using our Mini Mitt or Miracle Brush

    NOTE: Shake well before use. Refer to our Video.

    Gradual Tanner

    1. Exfoliate skin using the Cellulite Brush and then hop into the shower. Otherwise, hop in the shower and exfoliate skin using our Pre-Tan Primer or Exfoliating Mitt
    2. Ensure skin is clean and dry
    3. Apply as you would a normal body lotion and allow to dry before dressing
    4. Wash hands with warm, soapy water directly after application. 
    5. Wait until touch dry before dressing – then go about your day and wait 6-8 hours for tan to fully develop
    6. Re-apply until you reach your desired level of tan. 

    NOTE: Our Gradual Tanner goes on clear so the developing colour is a true indication of the colour you will achieve.

    Pre-Tan Primer

    1. Apply to damp skin in the shower or bath. 
    2. Massage into desired areas to buff and exfoliate in preparation for applying self-tanner. 
    3. For perfect application pay special attention to dry areas such as knees, elbows and ankles. 

    TIP: For an ultra-smooth result, use together with our Exfoliating Mitt.

    Dual Tanning Mitt

    1. Apply any of our self-tanners to the mitt 
    2. Blend into the skin in circular sweeping motions one area at a time
    3. Continue as needed until tan is fully applied and blended on desired area
    4. Rinse clean after use with warm water and leave to dry – washable & reusable

    Self-Tanning Mousse and Gradual Tanner

    Aloe Vera: known to contain skin soothing and hydrating properties.

    Guarana Extract: A natural extract which is high in caffeine.

    Pre-Tan Primer 

    Apricot Seed Powder: Our natural exfoliating ingredient which gently buffs away dull, dead skin cells leaving smooth skin ready for tanning!

    Dual Tanning Mitt

    Fabric composition: 14.7% TPU, 19.6% PU Sponge, 61.44% Polyester, 2.42% Elastic, 1.84% Cotton Thread.

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