Which shade is right for me, Medium or Dark?
For a natural enhanced glow that's suited to all skin tones, we suggest Medium. For a darker 'holiday' tan result, or if you have a darker skin tone, we suggest Dark.

Tan & Tone Oil is also buildable, so you can easily apply an additional layer to deepen the results if you wish.
Can I spray this directly onto my face?
Yes, you can. Just make sure to keep your eyes and mouth closed, and the bottle at least 20cm away from your face. We recommend using our Miracle Brush to blend around the hairline and ears for a flawless result.
How long will this tan last on my skin?
Most people find their Skinny Tan lasts up to 10 days (based on 2 applications). For your longest lasting tan, we'd recommend moisturising daily to keep the skin hydrated with either your usual body moisturiser or one of our Gradual Tanners.


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