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WOMEN CHEAT!  Now its your turn too... 

When it comes to beauty lets face it women have had the unfair advantage some say unfair 'beauty cheats' for years!  Cosmetics, devices, tools, fake brows, lashes, hair dyes, fillet fillers and things you wouldn't even ever know about- or want to!   

Many men haven't felt comfortable faking it with lipstick or eyelashes and probably wouldn't even know where to start.  but thats ok because now there is ...


BUT what the girls won't tell you is you don't need to know about every little trick because there is ONE thing MOST of us are doing that you can easily do too WITHOUT anyone EVER knowing- its fast - it lasts for weeks AND its been proven to make you instantly MORE attractive. And that thing of course is -  TANNING.  And to be more specific in terms of the new craze so good its getting men excited -  'Skinny' Tanning. This NEW technology has just launched in the USA and if you've been listening to the ladies you would know has caused a HUGE buzz for its ease of use- 100% streak-free application AND its natural, lasting results.

Skinny Tanning is the one thing that can make us look outdoorsy, healthy and glowing!  It is one very quick and easy application that can instantly cover blemishes from head to toe, make muscles appear more toned, acne less obvious and even give the illusion of looking perhaps (just a little) thinner too!   ALL without looking like cosmetics but always looking EXACTLY like you'd been out in the sun


Sun-beds and sun-tanning is fast becoming off-limits due to the accelerated ageing and skin cancer it can cause.  Plus with sun bathing you never really get the chance to tan ALL-over easily.  BUT Guys love to be tan and our research has shown that women are far more attracted to men with a tan than they are even attracted to men with muscle tone.  

Yep you could say women would rather have an 'out of shape tanned guy' than an 'in-shape, muscle bound pale guy'. 

So if you've been doing those sit-ups- carving those abs BUT still look like Casper the friendly ghost then its time to tan!  And if you haven't been to the gym in a while (well its been hard hasn't it with lockdowns and everything!) Then its good news for you too AND you came to just the right place! 

Because THIS NEW MOISTURE MOUSSE is the ONE that gives you an easy, flawless tan indistinguishable from a real tan AND with the added bonus of each application lasting 2 weeks straight!  So come on guys do this one thing and level the playing field because you can fake it too with results so incredible they are guaranteed!  

6 reasons you will be obsessed from the very first application:-

  • Enjoy long-lasting colour.  Or leave on overnight for Skinny Tans darkest colour yet that lasts for weeks! Skinny Tan Mousse is time activated to put you in control of your level of tan.
  • Instant silk finish means your skin looks many years younger in minutes NEW technology allows a deeper tan without drying your skin for a faster effect and a tan that lasts 2 weeks straight with every application and without ever flaking!  The guide colour is so flawless and smells so good you can wear it right out the door and let it develop as you wear it
  • Healthy holiday glow looks indistinguishable than a real tan (this one  got men faking it too)- No orange, no streaking, no nasty smell and with all the Skinny Tan goodness of hydrating Coconut Water, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Guarana berries so you are giving your skin a full body treatment with a moisture shot of goodness while your tan develops 
  • No Damaging Sun or chemical fakes (yep finally a tan that is good for your skin!) -  In fact Skinny Tan Moisture Mousse also hydrates skin, hides blemishes, protects from the signs of ageing and even dissimulates cellulite in each easy- peasy application .Made with 95% naturally derived ingredients including a natural tanning agent that works with your natural skin tone and never steaks making it perfect for mature skin, dry skin or first time tan fans.  NO Parabens, NO Sulphates,  NO Alcohol, Vegan Friendly & Cruelty-Free.
  • INCREDIBLE  Value for a LIMITED TIME - just one bottle of Skinny Tan Moisture Mousse sells for the equivalent of $50 usd in UK top stores and even at that price it sold out because with a deeper tan that lasts longer one bottle offers over 3 months of satin silk, glowing and flawlessly bronzed skin PLUS it doubles as a skin treatment hydrating, smoothing, disguising blemishes and reducing the cottage cheese effect ALL with each application that lasts for weeks and with 4-6 applications in the bottle at a reduced price of JUST $29.95 plus the primer and easy application glove its a no-brainer.  We are practically giving it away to men because we know once they try it they will be addicted to THIS and only this tanning breakthrough for life! 
  • BEST TAN or your money back guarantee!   At Skinny Tan we are so confident that our tan will delight all skin tones, body shapes, ages and genders that we back ourselves with a unique "Best Tan" Money Back Guarantee. We even pride ourselves that even though there has only ever been an infinitesimally small number of customers who have not been instantly addicted we can at least say we WOWED them with our easy, peasy guarantee and no quibbles return policy! 
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