Cellulite Dry Body Brush

Meet our newest cellulite buster. Sure to become a staple in your routine. Brush your cellulite away and prepare your skin for your best Skinny Tan ever!

Product description

If you're looking to reduce the appearance of cellulite, look no further! Meet our 5 star cellulite buster and say goodbye to dimples with our body brush. Sure to become a staple in your routine, our cellulite brush let's you brush lumps & bumps away whilst prepping your skin for the perfect tan!

By dry brushing cellulite with our body brush, you can help reduce it's appearance and leave much smoother, softer skin. Fitted with flexible nodules and natural bristles, this body brush will stimulate the skin, increase blood circulation and promote skin elasticity all whilst exfoliating away dry and flaky skin. Use prior to tanning and you'll not only look good, but feel good too.

Get your tan looking perfect, with the right preparation, then you can say 'girl bye!' to that cellulite.

Why you'll love me:

✔️ Reduces appearance of cellulite.

✔️ Exfoliates skin for smooth and soft results.

✔️ Stimilates the skin and increases blood circulation.

✔️ Promotes skin elasticity.

✔️ Preps skin ready for streak-free tanning application. 

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