Gradual Mousse 5.07oz

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Gradual Mousse 5.07oz
Gradual Mousse 5.07oz
Gradual Mousse 5.07oz
Gradual Mousse 5.07oz
Made with 95% naturally derived ingredients this whipped coconut moisturizing body mousse has just enough natural DHA to give you that day in the sun glow that you can build gradually to your preferred level.

Perfect for first-time tanners or those who just want to take the edge off their pale winter skin without looking too tanned.

Easy to apply  
✓ Always streak free.
✓ Paraben-free 
✓ Sulfate-free 
✗ No animal testing 
✗ No Orange
✗ No fake tanner smell
✓ Vegan-friendly 


Our beautiful customer Hannah picture in our gradual tanning mousse!

"I finally found the perfect tan that doesn’t come off when exercising. The Skinny Tan Gradual Mousse is totally sweat resistant... so much so that it stayed on for my full 42k marathon 🙌🏽" - @therunningplanner

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