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Product description

Customise your glow! The more drops, the darker the tan – you choose!

Bundle Includes:

1x Coconut Water Face Serum Tanning Drops 1 fl oz

It's time to customise your glow with our Coconut Water Face Tanning Drops. These face tanning drops are infused with youth-boosting Q10, meaning each magical drop will boost your complexion and give you tropical sun-kissed radiance!

All you need to do is mix your chosen number of drops into your favourite skincare products for full control over your facial tanning routine. The more drops you add, the darker the tan... simple!

1x Miracle Tanning Application Brush

The Miracle Brush is an ultra-soft, ergonomically shaped brush for easy application of any self-tan product onto smaller trouble areas such as hands, feet, face and neck.  The unique angled brush shape allows for easy application on hard to reach areas and creases, while the premium, ultra-soft synthetic bristles effortlessly blend tan into the skin for flawless, streak-free results. 

1x Face Tanning Mini Mitt

The Mini Face Tanning Mitt is the perfect small accessory! Whether it's applying fake tan to your face, other small areas or while your on the move. This pocket-sized saviour is the tanning accessory you never knew you needed.

How to use

Coconut Water Face Serum Tanning Drops 1 fl oz

  1. Add 6 drops to your favourite serum, moisturiser or foundation and mix well.
  2. Apply evenly to face and neck with the Miracle Brush or the Mini Mitt.
  3. Wash hands after use. Can be used daily - morning or night
  4. No need to rinse your face, just leave to develop into a natural glow over 6-8 hours. 

NOTE: Add more drops for a deeper tan. We recommend a maximum of 10 drops in one application.

Miracle Tanning Application Brush

  1. Deposit a small amount of self-tan onto the area of application, and buff with the Miracle Brush in circular motions until blended.  
  2. Rinse with lukewarm, soapy water and leave to dry before storing in a clean place. 

TIP: For best results ensure your skin is clean and exfoliated before tanning and apply a light layer of moisturiser to any particularly dry areas to help your tan develop evenly.

Face Tanning Mini Mitt

  1. Apply any of our self-tanners to the mitt 
  2. Blend into the skin in circular sweeping motions one area at a time
  3. Continue as needed until tan is fully applied and blended on desired area
  4. Rinse clean after use with warm water and leave to dry – washable & reusable

Coconut Water Face Serum Tanning Drops 1 fl oz

Coconut water - why we love it!

It's a natural moisturiser... Coconut water has hydrating properties and is a known natural moisturiser

Youth-boosting effect... Coconut water promotes healthy cell growth, helping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines - we love that!

Helps even skin tone...Thanks to it's high vitamin C content, coconut water can help reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone and pigmentation.

Face Tanning Mini Mitt

Fabric composition: 14.7% TPU, 19.6% PU Sponge, 61.44% Polyester, 2.42% Elastic, 1.84% Cotton Thread.

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