Salted Caramel Face Tanning Drops 1 fl oz

Customise your glow with our concentrated Salted Caramel Face Tanning Drops!

Product description

Build up your glow with our concentrated Salted Caramel Face Tanning Drops. Indulge yourself in the gorgeous, sweet scent by adding a few drops of this “liquid caramel” into your everyday skincare.

Simply add a few tanning drops to your daily skincare or moisturiser and watch your complexion begin to glow in the next 6-8 hours. For a deeper tan, add a few drops into your skincare every day - the more tanning drops you use, the more you'll glow,

Why you’ll love me:

✔️ Customisable tan with an easy drop applicator
✔️ Indulgent salted caramel scent - no biscuit smell!
✔️ Extracts of skin-loving Aloe Vera and Guarana
✔️ Travel friendly

How to use


1. Add 6 drops to your favourite serum, moisturiser or foundation and mix well.

2. Apply evenly to face and neck with fingertips or the miracle brush

3. Wash hands after use. Can be used daily - morning or night

4. No need to rinse your face, just leave to develop into natural glow over 6-8 hours. 

NOTE: Add more drops for a deeper. We recommend a maximum of 10 drops in one application.


Cocoa Extracts: Gives your tan a delicious, chocolatey scent - no biscuit smell here!

Aloe Vera: known to contain skin soothing and hydrating properties.

Guarana Extract: A natural extract which is high in caffeine.


How do I mix this with my moisturiser?

Mix it up! It's that simple. Add a few face tan drops into your usual amount of moisturiser with your fingers and then apply to your face and neck. Be sure to wash your hands after you use this to avoid any excess staining.

Add 3-6 drops for a light glow, 7-9 drops for a light/medium tan & 10 drops for a medium/dark tan!

Can I apply this directly onto my face?

With these face drops containing a concentrated amount of tanning active, we would recommend firstly testing a few drops mixed with your moisturiser to see the results! Then you can increase the amount of drops depending on your tanning preference for a darker colour. By applying the drops directly to the face this many result in a darker colour than originally desired.

Can I add this to my body moisturiser?  

Yes, our drops can be added to your body moisturiser for a subtle glow.

How long will this last on my face?

Your face tan will last up to 7 days, however you can reapply as often as needed to continue to build and maintain your ideal tan colour.

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