NEW YEAR! NEW GLOW Wonder Serum Express + 4 FREE GIFTS

GET WONDER SERUM EXPRESS Fast Tan + 4 FREE GIFTS including our NEW Miracle Buff applicator! That's EVERYTHING else pictured here for FREE no strings attached - EVER!   If you don't agree Wonder Serum Express is THE best self-tanner you ever tried simply send it back for a full refund - BUT you can keep the 4 gifts JUST for trying Wonder Serum EXPRESS today!

This luxury kit with NEW Wonder Serum includes: 

  1. Wonder Serum EXPRESS - A Wonder Serum Tanner that develops in as little as one hour for a tan that lasts for weeks!  Or leave it on for 3 hours to get a deeper darker Wonder Tan.  Wonder Serum Express goes on with an iridescent glow and develops into a long-lasting tan.  Includes anti-aging actives including COQ10 to give you a full face and body anti-aging treatment as the tan develops.

  2. FREE Exfoliating Mitt - A double-sided exfoliating mitt with a rough side to remove old tan and a smoother side to help create a smooth tanning surface.

  3. FREE Instant Tanner- An instant washable face and body bronzer that you can use to glam up your tan for special nights out then wash off.

  4. FREE - NEW Miracle Tan Buff Applicator - ultra-soft, ergonomically shaped brush with dense and flexible bristles allowing light brushed application for flawless results on hands, feet, face, and neck.

  5. FREE Dual mitt - a large dual-sided luxury application mitt for fast easy even application and to help protect palms from tanning.

Best Tan Guaranteed.  If you don't agree Wonder Serum is the best tan you have ever seen simply return it for a full refund but you get to KEEEP THE FREE GIFTS just for trying Wonder Serum in this JANUARY SALES SUPER BUNDLE