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Our newest and hardest working cellulite kit ever! Introducing our brand new cellulite fighting, dry body brush. 

We know you love your doubles! This special kit contains your fav 7-Day Tanner and the Instant tanner, plus everything you need for perfect application.

This kit contains:

1 x 7-Day Tanner: Our best-seller has become a cult product across Australia and the UK. Completely streak-free, smells like coconut and leaves a healthy glow that lasts up to 7 days.

1 x Skinny Tan Instant Tanner: A gel body bronzer cosmetic that offers a tanned glow while helping cover up and cosmetically disguise the visible appearance of surface blemishes and cellulite

1 x Luxury Tanning Mitt: Our No.1 tanning tool! Use this luxury mitt with our tanning products for a fast and streak free tan application. 

1 x Roller Tan Applicator:  For fast tan application even if you have never self tanned before. Perfect for getting those hard to reach places like between your shoulder blades and upper back.

1 x Cellulite Brush 


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