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Why Skinny Tan are the only brand to back themselves with a 'BEST TAN' Guarantee

Guarantee! Even if the delicious tropical tan scent has your partner sniffing you embarrassingly - we understand - return it!

Skinny Tan – Best Tan or your Money Back 'Any Excuse' Guarantee. We back our results MORE than any other self-tanner ever released!   

It is often daunting to buy beauty products with big promises online: you don’t always know that they really can deliver the results claimed.  At Skinny Tan we are so confident that our tan will delight all skin tones, body shapes and ages that we back ourselves with a unique "Best Tan" Unconditional Money Back Guarantee.  The risk is on us not you and that is the way we believe online shopping should be,  You can purchase any product from us, see it, touch it, try it; and, if you decide you do not want the product for any reason at all you may request a full refund.

Any reason means any reason!  

If you don't feel THIS tanning range is simply the best you have found - no problem return it!  If your friends can tell your tan is out of a bottle at all - no problem return it!  If you are not prancing around with more confidence as your even, flawless glowing skin makes you leap for joy when you catch sight of yourself in the mirror - no problem return it.  If your partner finds the delicious tropical scent so irresistible he won't stop sniffing you embarrassingly - we understand - return it! 

If Skinny Tan doesn't give you more than you expected with flawless tanning, covering blemishes, making skin look younger and dissimulating that 'White Cottage Cheese Effect" better than any tanner or beauty product out there - then please we demand you return it. 

We want only delighted customers wearing and enjoying this tanning revolution and sharing the great experience with everyone who asks "Wow your tan is amazing where have you been?  How can I get skin like yours! " 

In fact we pride ourselves that even though there has only ever been an infinitesimally small number of customers who have not been instantly addicted to Skinny Tan we can at least say we WOWED them with our easy, peasy guarantee and no quibbles return policy!

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