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What We're Loving Right Now

7 day tanner people.com

Zoë Ruderman, Executive Director of Content Strategy: A roommate once forced me to count the number of self-tanners I had in the apartment. I think her goal was to shame me into purging, but it had the opposite effect. Those 21 (yep) different products only solidified my belief that I'm a bronzing connoisseur whose mission to test every one out there and report back to the world (read: pale, sunscreen-obsessed friends like me) could not be swayed. This one passes my test. Why? It gives instant color as well as a long-lasting one, it doesn't streak even if you're a lazy applier, it's paraben free and—this is a big one—it smells like coconut.

Buy It! Skinny Tan 7 Day Tanner, $39.95; skinnytan.com

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