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this life is golden last minute beauty hacks

Last Minute Beauty Hacks For The Perfect V-Day Look

When our favorite love-filled holiday falls in the middle of the week – on a Tuesday, of all days – well it's normal that we run a bit behind. For the glam girls still wondering what on Earth to do with their hair and makeup, we've got your back.

 Make Your Skin Look Radiant

For a perfect, shimmering complexion, there's only three crucial steps you need to follow: exfoliate, tan and moisturize. Tonight after your hot shower, be sure to exfoliate thoroughly with Fresh's amazing Sugar Face Polish. Once you finish, dry yourself out completely and apply the Skinny Tan all-natural self-tanner. Reducing the appearance of cellulite and giving you a smooth beach glow, Skinny Tan's – V-Day appropriate – Chocolate Kits, are available in three flawless sets: Milk, Semi Sweet, and Dark.

Skinny Tan’s Valentine’s Day MILK Chocolate Tanning Kit, $49.95
Set includes 1 Pre Tan Primer, 2 Gradual Tanners, 1 Application Mit, 1 After Glow
$105 value

Skinny Tan’s Valentine’s Day SEMI SWEET Chocolate Tanning Kit, $55.95

 Set includes 1 Pre Tan Primer, 2 7-Day Tanners, 1 Application Mitt, 1 After Glow
$125 value

Skinny Tan’s Valentine’s Day DARK Chocolate Tanning Kit, $59.95

 Set includes 1 Pre-Tan Primer, 1 Body Mousse, 1 Application Mitt, 1 7-Day Tanner, 1 After Glow, 1 24-Hour Bronzer 
$165 value

Let the tanning lotion dry for a few minutes and sleep tight. After your next-morning shower, gently apply the Skinny Tan Moisturizer. It'll hydrate your skin and prolong your tan!

 Yes, beach babe flawlessness is just three easy steps away.

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