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Radiate Beauty This Summer!

Stay calm, cool and collected in the heat

By Laura Carson Miller

The heat is on but that certainly does not mean you have to become a wilted flower!

I’m sharing my hot weather beauty favorites that will help you stay cool as cucumber while radiating your gorgeous natural beauty this summer. For the record my fave is the English cucumber, which has much better flavor that the US version and don’t ever peel it; the skin is delicious and full of nutrients!

Are you ready? Let’s start from the bottom and work our way up.

Get a luscious glow for your legs:

While one of my besties is actually at the beach right now, I’m creating a ‘just back from an island holiday’ look at home, using these two fantastic options.

Sometimes I do opt for self tanner and my new fave is from Skinny Tan. The formulas not only offer color but also skin smoothing ingredients. The Gradual Tanner smells like coconut and gives believable color. I recently tried the Tanning Mousse, cuz I’m all envious that my friend is at the actual beach, and I tell ya my legs look like I just returned from a most fab tropical island. And they match my (tropical) Atlanta arms, which is a beauty miracle. This version also has the coconut aroma and both are chock full of natural ingredients.

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