ERM Best New Product!

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Joseph Panetta: Hi, we're here to talk to you about Skinny Tan. Skinny Tan is the world's largest selling all-natural cellulite-reducing sunless tanner in Australia, the United Kingdom, and Korea, and we just launched an ECRM in the United States. And we are very proud to have won the Best New Product Award by Drugstore News! And the best part of all of this, is that the woman who created this brand is sitting to my right: Louise Ferguson. Louise, tell us a little about what drew you to create Skinny Tan.

"Ok, well, it was really done for myself. My best friend and I were looking for a tanner that did not have any of any orange or streaking or that horrible smell. She was using a cellulite cream that was working well, but she couldn't use a tanner and the cellulite cream together. I was tanning to look thinner and she just went: "I don't know why they don't put the two things in one", and I said "why don't they?" So we went to a natural-tanning manufacturer. They've got the best in Australia, so we were lucky. We got sample after sample – I think about 27 – it was the best tanner you could possibly have, and Skinny Tan was born, the first natural tanner that also has cellulite firming in one product."

Panetta: Launched in Australia, became number one; launched in the United Kingdom where we sell tens of thousands of pounds every day, and now we're here in the US, and we are very, very excited. Thank you, Drugstore News!

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