Beauty Box 5 Product Reviews: Skinny Tan

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Hi, my name is Felicity Fromholz and I am the Director of Product Development for Evolucity Commerce.

I am Kelsey Manning and I am the Communications Director for Evolucity Commerce.

And I am Elisa Trevino and I am the director of ECommerce.

And we are here to talk to you about some of our absolute favorites from the skin, bath, cosmetics and fragrance EPPS with ECRM in the lovely Orlando Florida.

So one of our absolute favorites, and we found out is one of the award winners for the event this year, is Skinny Tan. Skinny Tan is the first all-natural tanner that actually has a cellulite cream in it as well. This is one of the number one natural tanners in Australia, and then it became one of the natural tanners in UK and they launched at the ECRM meetings this year and we fell absolutely in love with them. Their product comes in a cream, it comes in a foam, they have a lovely little mitt that goes with it, and one of our favorites: is the little mini mittlet, use for a facial tanner, it's absolutely fabulous, you just mix it with your product and it's lovely (laughter).

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